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McDowell's Single Malt



There can be no parallel taste to the delights of distinct, rich character of 100% malt whisky, that is McDowell’s Single Malt.

What makes Single Malt the exclusive one is the term “single”, which in itself is self-explanatory. It clearly designates the fact that this brand is made in only one distillery and has not been blended with any spirits from elsewhere. It is made solely at McDowell’s distillery in Ponda, Goa.

Launched in 1992, McDowell’s Single Malt Whisky is the only one of its kind in Asia and falls under the super-premium category.

The term Malt indicates the raw material, i.e. barley malt. Single Malt whisky is made exclusively from barley and no other grain or fermentable material is used.

A lot goes into the making of Single Malt, which lends it a flavour so distinct. The process begins with malting the freshly plucked barley. Barley is soaked in water until it begins to sprout and then immediately dried over heat to capture the germination process.

This process is called Malting and the partially germinated grain, malt. To complete the conversion of starch into fermentable sugars, malt is crushed and mixed with warm water.

  The liquid thus drained out is allowed to ferment with the addition of yeast, and sugars are turned into alcohol.

Alcohol is separated from the mixture during Distillation, where the mixture is boiled. Since alcohol evaporates faster than water, the spirit is separated as vapour and condensed. Distillation is done in traditional pot-stills, which resemble large copper kettles. In this traditional pot-still distillation, flavour of malt is retained.

The distilled colourless spirit is left to mature in imported oak barrels till it is mellowed down. That is where Single Malt inherits its golden hue, characteristic aroma and mellow taste.

For bottling, spirit is diluted with demineralised water, bringing the proportion of alcohol in spirit to the prescribed levels.