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Bagpiper whisky



India’s largest and the world’s second largest non-Scotch whisky, Bagpiper, was launched in the regular range in 1976.

The dark days of the Emergency, tough advertising laws and a conservative Indian consumer did not make it easy for Bagpiper to carve a niche for itself in the Indian liquor market. In 1976 the liquor market was still in the process of picking up and the existence of just a few brands and no segment classification meant little awareness among consumers.

It was against this backdrop that Herbertsons Limited a part of the UB Group Spirits Division launched its first branded product, Bagpiper, in the regular whisky segment.

Marketing the product was no easy task and a well-planned communications strategy was developed, one that a consumer would be able to identify with most easily.

Distinct black and white packaging and a contemporary logo with the mnemonic - ‘Sardar playing the bagpipes’ became Bagpiper's hallmark. In packaging, the brand was the first to use a monocarton. In addition, the mnemonic made the brand identifiable among its competitors, ensuring an independent identity to the brand.